Polaroid SC1630 Latest Android-Powered With Smart Camera

When you mix feature set of Higher Performance Electronic Digicam with energy of Android, the Polaris SC1630 creates giving and taking hi-def digital metaphors an immediate practical experience. Polaris today affirmed that giving and taking quality digital metaphors is now flawless with this device, an Android powered smart camera. Polaroid SC1630 comes with 16.0-megapixel hi-def camera with 3x to prevent zoom, Wi-Fi and irritated screen that produces submissions to web sites as simple as irritated of button. Mixing optics of camera and digital image with limitless energy of Android, it modifies process of adding, posting, editing and clicking to immediate practical knowledge. With Polaris SC1630, the customer will not have to select between compact digital and smartphone camera as it provides the best of the two worlds by being the best at both.

The Polaris SC1630 has been designed with all those features that are essential for expediently capturing, linking and easy simple sharing with stunning high definition digital video and combines them into one package. Polaris SC1630 is well thought-out to be an two-in-one, ultraportable instantaneous distribution source of power, which leaves behind many popular and zeal prevailing digicam handsets by blending uncomparable Android powered mobile podium with complicated imaging feature set. It comes with 16.0-megapixel camera with 3x optical zoom, and this option of Polaris SC1630 is not found in other smartphones. The buyer can select from 18 different scene modes, inspect and clock very much clear pictures – and it can be captured at full 108mm or 36mm intensification on Polaris SC1630 3.2 inch widescreen.

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Polaris SC1630

Polaris SC1630 has been engineered to be transportable and stylish, the clear-cut line and spotless, plain lines of Polaris SC1630 makes distribution and encapsulating, unproblematic. Prepared and loaded with functions and options, which permit uncomplicated capture, distribution and connecting easy way out, its rechargeable battery can last all 24 hours. Polaris SC1630 will be unoccupied later on in 2012.

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