Pioneer BDR-XD04 Is World’s Smallest External Blue-Ray Burner

And there was time that the concept of holding a Blu-ray burner in your notebook computer bag wasn’t all that realistic but then came along Pioneer’s BDR-XD04. Being 0.55 inches thick only, however, the new USB-powered exterior drive provides all the capacious advantages of BD in a type element that we can properly call handy. Just don’t expect BDR-XD04 to win any prizes for feat; in change for measurements that Pioneer entitles that inspite of the size very minimal for a Blu-ray burner, disadvantage is that you must settle for USB connectivity and a not very satisfactory, a 6x write speed for BDR-XD04.

That said, with the help of BDR-XD04, you can manage just about any form of dvd you position within its clamshell style (including Blu-ray 3D media) and also can handle features like PowerRead and PureRead2+, equipment and design that help the BDR-XD04 maintain sleek play-back despite finger prints and / or insignificant marks. You can get the Pioneer’s latest creation, the BDR-XD04 to begin shipping in the middle of January at an MSRP of $149.99.

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