Choosing The Best Hair Oils For Hair Loss

If you are concerned about losing your hair, you can slow down the hair loss process and even reverse it in some cases using hair oils for hair loss. There are plenty of different hair oils on the market today and some are much more effective than others are.

The Oils for You

In order for you to get the maximum benefit out of your hair oil you need to choose an oil that has a good concentration of Eclipta alba, also known as Bhringraj. This herb is well known for helping reduce problems with hair loss.

You should also look for a solution that contains some lavender oil to help you mitigate your stress if you are often stressed out.

Make sure that you read the contents of any hair oil that you consider purchasing. If it doesn’t at least have Bhringaraj you probably aren’t going to see good results with it and you should look at a different solution instead. While there are other oils out there that will help improve hair growth, they don’t work as dramatically as oils that contain the above supplements so make sure to do your research before you waste your money on a product that is inferior.

Why Eclipta alba Works

Eclipta alba should be included in any hair oil for hair loss because it has been proven to help with hair regrowth in a couple different studies. In these studies hair was shaved from rats and the rate of hair regrowth was measured on rats with different concentrations of the supplement. The rats with the highest concentration regrew their hair the fastest and regrew a very full head of hair, while the lower concentration had slightly lower results and the test without the supplement took the longest for the rats to gain their hair back.
There are a few different reasons that this supplement creates real results for hair regrowth. The first reason is that it triggers hair follicles to switch from the telegon phase to the anagen phase. The telogen phase is the rest stage of hair follicles and the anagen phase is the growth stage. Therefore, that supplement tells the follicles that they need to get growing.

The oil also increased the total number of hair follicles present on the rats giving them a thicker coat of fur than they had when they started. This means that the oil will work well to increase the thickness and coverage of your hair.
The last benefit of the supplement in the tests was on the length of the follicles. In the rats without the supplement hair follicle length was around 34% while it was between 44% and 49% with the supplement.

Using the Hair Oil

If you get your hands on some of the hair oil, it is important to use it properly to see the best results. You should try to use the oil at least once every single day, but at the very least use it every time that you wash your hair. Wash your hair thoroughly and then include the oil in the conditioner that you put on your head. This technique works well because the oil has plenty of time to adhere to your hair before you rinse out the conditioner.

Many people like to mix it in with their hair loss shampoo, especially those who don’t bother to use conditioner at all. While adding it to shampoo will work, it isn’t quite as effective as when it is in conditioner, and you will have to leave the shampoo in your hair for a few minutes in order for the oil to get on your hair all the way.

Investing in a quality hair oil will help you reduce the effects of hair loss and you could even gain back some of your lost hair if you are persistent enough.

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