Be careful when wearing a Mask

all of us. However, there are some important things to keep in mind regarding the use of Mask. The following are the things we need to be careful about when we wearing the Mask.

Whether it is made with three layers of cotton cloth in the house and a Mask purchased from the store, its effectiveness depends on proper use. So when wearing the mask, you need to know the details of all the things to remember.

How to wear the mask in the face

Wear such a mask as it covers the part of the nose between the upper two eyes. The mask should be worn in such a way as to cover the bottom of the chin. Wear the mask in such a way that there is no gap in the Mask.

The precautions to be taken and what cannot be done

  • The chin cannot be open
  • Do not wear the mask in the manner that starts from the bottom of the nose
  • Do not wear a mask with loose parts that are empty.
  • The mask cannot be hung on the neck by pushing it under the chin
  • The mask cannot be read wear just as it is covered up to the tip of the nose.
  • The top or inner part of the mask cannot be touched in any way.
  • If you touch the inner part of the mask, the mask can no longer be used again.
  • It’s not okay to use more than once a surgical mask.
  • The masks used must be thrown at a safe distance of burned.

Be careful when wearing a Mask

The mask can prevent infection of course but don’t think that wearing a mask will solve all problems. It is not right to walk around where I am wearing a Mask. Follow the advice of the government. Avoid the spread of any virus, including coronavirus.

                                                   A sample picture of wearing a mask

Some important tips to avoid Coronavirus

You must be careful to avoid the coronavirus. In that case, maintain social distance and obey all restrictions of lockdown. You should wash your hands before and after wearing the mask. You can use hand sanitizer after washing hands and before wearing the mask. When wearing the mask and opening the mask, I only use the ropes around the mask.

Those who are live in a flat house or apartment will open the mask after entering the house. Because there is a high chance of transmission of stairs and elevators. If you want to reuse a mask, wash it thoroughly daily. Keep the mask in a clean and dry place.

The outbreak of coronavirus is increasing day by day. We all have to be careful to avoid this. In that case, we should all follow hygiene. If we are all health-conscious, we can certainly avoid the spread of coronavirus.

Which Mask is better for coronavirus

A few Mask is better for protests coronavirus. There are many types of Mask available in our country. But all the masks are capable of preventing coronavirus.  Coronavirus can prevent infection by some good masks. Of all the masks, surgical mask is good for everyone. N-95 and EN-95 masks are better than all. But not everyone is in the purchasing power of these masks.

Since surgical masks are in everyone’s purchasing power and prevent coronavirus infection, it is best to use surgical masks.

Which mask actually protect coronavirus

                                                                                                    Surgical Mask

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