Coronavirus situation in Bangladesh 28 June 2020

Coronavirus situation in Bangladesh 28 June 2020. The last 24 hours 3809 has been infected and 43 dead in Bangladesh.  The Department of health gives us detailed information about 3809 people affected by Coronavirus in the last 24 hours. So far, a total of 137087 have been infected by Coronavirus and in Bangladesh, and 1738 have died. A total of 54318 people have returned home healthy in the country yesterday so far.

In December last year, deadly coronavirus from China’s epidemic spread to 213 countries and regions of the world. So far 10097986 people have been infected with coronavirus worldwide. On the other hand, 501593 people died. Besides, 54 lakh 73 thousand and 604 people have been healed.

Dr. Nasima Sultana, said this at a regular online bulletin on the Coronavirus this afternoon. Among the dead of Corona,  Today most of the deaths in the country are due to Corona. Nine people died from Dhaka and others from Chittagong. She said one of the dead is a child.  All of the dead are from different districts in Bangladesh.

Dr. Nasima Sultana says, in the last 24 hours 18099 samples were collected. 18099 samples tested in the last 24 hours, there 3809 sample was coronavirus-positive. Besides, many people have been healed in the last 24 hours of the total trauma. Besides, the corona has been found mostly newly infected in the city of Dhaka. The rest are different districts outside of Dhaka.

Coronavirus situation in Bangladesh 28 June 2020

Dr. Nasima Sultana, Additional director of the government’s Blood Disease and Research institute(IEDCR) confirmed 3809 have been infected and 43 has died. She confirmed this information this afternoon in a regular news bulletin.

The number of tests today more than yesterday. As a result, the number of patients infected with coronavirus is higher today. She confirmed the number of Corona tests will increase further. At present corona, samples are collected and tested in several districts of the country.

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