Making the Switch to a Healthier Life: Prepping for Your First Vape

When you purchase a pack of cigarettes you simply tear off the plastic wrapping, open the box, strike a match to light up, and you’re in business. There is a little bit more prep work involved in your first electronic cigarette “vape.” Once your pack arrives, you might have to spend a few minutes getting acquainted with the user manual, assembling the unit and getting it ready to enjoy. Don’t worry, it’s not complicated.

For starters, you will need to charge your batteries. Depending on your starter pack, you may have the standard wall charger, a USB charger, a car charger and a PCC which will need to charge as well. You can charge your batteries on whichever charger is convenient for you at the time.

Your electronic cigarette will come with instructions on how to assemble it, as well as how to refill the e-liquid, or exchange the cartridges as needed. The battery will need to charge for 10 hours or so on its first charge. After that you can expect a charge to take 2 hours or less. It is important not to overcharge the batteries.

Each manufacturer will have their own instructions for the assembly of the electronic cigarette, but it really is pretty standard. You screw the atomizer and the battery together, and remove the protective cap from the cartridge. If you are using a prefilled cartridge there is nothing further to do, you are ready for your first vape. If you need to fill your cartridge with e-liquid, you will need to follow your brand’s instructions on how to do that.

Your electronic cigarette may have a button that turns on the battery, or it may be activated when you draw on the mouthpiece. You will find that vaping and electronic cigarette is very similar to smoking a tobacco cigarette. There are a few little tricks that make the experience more satisfying. In order to really enjoy your electronic cigarette you need to create enough vapor. Beyond making sure that your batteries are charged and you have enough e-liquid, the length and strength of your draw also affects how much vapor you produce. Take longer and slower puffs on your electronic cigarette to create plenty of vapor. It is the inhalation of vapor that delivers the nicotine.

After you have become accustomed to your electronic cigarette you will be able to “light up” just about anywhere.

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