Making Sure You Get the Right Deal When You Buy Your Property

Buying a new home is rather a big deal. This is by no means a small expense – you are going to be buying one of the most expensive things you’ll pay for in your life and it’s something that’s going to affect you on a day to day basis for the rest of your life too. You will be forced to live in this property every day which means if you don’t like it then you aren’t going to be very happy during this time.

As such then it’s rather important that you make sure you get a good deal and that you don’t accidentally buy the wrong property and get swindled. It isn’t unheard of for someone to buy a property that’s falling apart and that’s in no fit state to live in only to then be trapped there because they understandably can’t sell. Here we will look at some ways to avoid this happening to you and to make sure that when you buy your property, you are getting what you should be for your money.

Use a Good Estate Agent

The first tip is to make sure that you use a good estate agent when you buy. This means using trusted companies to help you look around the properties you might be interested in and showing you new ones. You can use several and you can use an MLS, but you need to make sure when you do that it’s a good company that has a good reputation and that won’t deal with dodgy properties in the first place. If you never get shown to a bad deal, then you won’t risk spending money on it.

Inspect Thoroughly, Be Cynical

Now when you’re looking around it’s time to stop being polite and tiptoeing around the properties and to start being thorough when you check the properties. You may feel as though you are invading that person’s home, but if you are going to be potentially using this money then of course you’re within your rights to check the property carefully. It’s in their best interests of course to let you… Likewise be cynical and if something sounds dodgy or sounds too good to be true then assume it is and research it further.

Use a Conveyancer

A conveyance will help you to go through the conveyancing process and will be able to fight your corner to make sure you don’t get taken advantage of. Your conveyance will work on your behalf to write up your offer contract which will ensure you have the right to pull out of the process if you are unhappy with the property or if there are defects in the title. Likewise they will also help you to go over your title which is the bundle of rights you purchase to the property. This is what outlines your legal rights over the property such as the right to access easement and the right to resale.

Use a Surveyor

Once you have put in your offer it’s important to use a surveyor to check over the property. The bank or lender may use surveyor of their own as well, but it’s also important to get your own who will do a thorough check to make sure that there are no severe problems with the property that could end up costing you money or even being dangerous.

The above guest post is written by Sarah Jones who writes blog on home improvement and property tips.

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