The country has not been independent of any Major blowing|Sheikh Hasina

The country has not been independent of any Major blowing
The country has not been independent of any Major blowing
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina spoke at the March 7 discussion meeting

Prime minister Sheikh Hasina said the country has not been independent of any Major blowing. She said that the history of the War of Liberation was a distortion, There was a time when Bangabandhu’s contribution to the war of Liberation was also erased. Such a distorted history was made that one of the Major flutes was blown and the war began, the country become independent. But he himself worked under the government of Bangladesh. 400 was paid. He was the one who made the declaration of independence. She said this while talking to Awami league at the Bangabandhu international conference center yesterday.

She added at the meeting, we are thinking of many programs to celebrate the Mujib year. The father of the nation has said that the peoples of Bangladesh should get food, clothes and accommodation. His dream was that a man would not be homeless. That’s why he took the Bunch gram project. In the middle of Mujib year, not a single person will be landless.

Prime minister Sheikh Hasina paid tribute to Bangabandhu Seikh Mujibur Rahman, Father of the nation, National four leaders and martyrs of the war of liberation at the beginning of the speech. The prime minister said that the Father of the nation has given us independence. We have got independent countries for him. He has struggled all his life.

Even though Pakistan was a separate state, our mother tongue was hit. They put Urdu on us. It was then that Bangabandhu decided to establish an independent state.

The country has not been independent of any Major blowing

Sheikh Hasina said that the March 7 speech of Bangabandhu in the great provided inspiration, is blood of Independent the 9 month all the time speech of Bangabandhu Marfh 7 at the independent Bangla radio center. The freedom fighters listened to this speech and took inspiration for the War.

Awami league president Sheikh Hasina presided over the meeting and general secretary of the party Obaidul Quader addressed the meeting. Advisory council member Amir Hossain Amu spoke and many more.

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