Sabrina tries to avoid liability

Sabrina tried to avoid liability, Arif gave ‘proof’. She used to collect samples from the common people for coronavirus testing in exchange for money but would throw them in the drain. You have taken five to 25 thousand rupees from the common people for the corona test. And he took 100 to 300 dollars from foreigners for the test. But no local or foreign sample was sent to the laboratory for testing. He used to give fake certificates on the basis of guesses or conjectures based on the symptoms or appearance of the patient.

Sabrina tries to avoid liability
Arif and Sabrina

At one stage of the interrogation, the chairman of JKG Healthcare and the doctor of the National Heart Institute, Dr. Sabrina Chowdhury, and her husband Ariful Haque Chowdhury have admitted the allegations. Despite admitting everything, they have blamed each other for these misdeeds.

While in government service, Sabrina became the chairman of the non-government organization JKG and violated the government employee rules. She could not refute the allegation.

The interrogation of Sabrina and Arif, who are in remand, revealed a lot of information. said several officials involved in the investigation. They were interrogated face to face at the DB office last Wednesday night.

The couple took money through two sites called Booking BD and Healthcare with permission to collect samples for free. They have forged certificates without sample testing. Sabrina and Arif were arrested on this charge.

Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DB) Additional Commissioner Abdul Baten said Arif and Sabrina confessed to cheating by giving false reports to Corona at one stage of the interrogation. He said their interrogation was continuing.

Sabrina tried to avoid liability, Arif gave ‘proof’.

Sabrina tries to avoid liability

For the first time since their arrest, Sabrina and Arif have been interrogated face-to-face to ascertain their guilt. Preliminary investigation has revealed that JKG has embezzled a huge amount of money in the name of telemedicine services in Corona.

Although Arif is the CEO of JKG Healthcare, Sabrina has maintained all kinds of contacts as the chairman behind the Corona scam.

They have also created by using the name of the Prime Minister’s Office. They also threatened to take a look at the Additional Director General of the Health Department if their corruption was reported.

Sabrina and Arif were asked why they cheated on the issue of life and death of the people of the country. Both of them are silent for some time while answering this question. At the time, Arif said, his wife Sabrina knew all about Corona’s fraud. However, Arif’s words made Sabrina angry. He blames Ulto Arif for JKJ’s corona cheating. However, as the chairman of the organization, Sabrina used to get a salary of Tk 30,000 per month, as evidenced by DB.

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