Malaika Arora is not shy of shame

Malaika Arora in Miss diva 2020

Malaika Arora is not shy of shame. Miss Diva-2020, Malaika Arora came to the attention of everyone. When Malaika appeared in front of the camera, Wearing a yellow floral gown, It was as if the camera’s flash began to glow. Part of the netizens did not stop gazing at Malaika as she was wearing a gown.

Malaika Arora is not shy of shame
KIVA Miss diva 2020 Malaika Arora

Seeing Malaika wearing a yellow gown, some began to scoff at her as a shameless women. Someone begins to tell the secret of the body to show what is the like all the time. Someone started to say shy shame of what Malaika Arora has sold!

Malaika owned the red carpet wearing the thigh high-slit gown. The highlight of the gown was the various shades of yellow.That the satin dress sported and the floral pattern.This dress outfit is the perfect summer look.That time she was looking gorgious and attractive.

Some even begin to attack as Malaika Arora chooses this kind of garment to catch the eye of an old women. Though under scorn, Malaika Arora has not neen able to comment on the counter.

Malaika Arora started her new year with Arjun Kapoor recently in Goa. Arjun is seen by spending time with parents and sisters and entire family in Malaika. Although there are no plans for marriage with Malaika Arora at the moment, it becomes clear that Arjun Kapoor is starting to make their relationship public.

Malaika Arora host on the grand final of LIVA Miss diva 2020 which was held on 22 Feruary 2020. The actress not only hosted the event but stole the spotlight in her gorgeous gown.

Malaika Arora is not shy of shame

On this occasion she appeared in a very revealing dress. The audience began to storm the criticism. However Malaika did not protest. Malaika Arora appeared as the Host on the LIVA miss diva 2020 occasion.

Malaika Arora steals the show at Miss Diva 2020

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