I have been barred from coming to Parliament | Prime Minister

I have been barred from coming to Parliament

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said that she was prevented from attending the parliament sitting on Sunday due to the epidemic of Coronavirus. She said this while participating in the discussion on the mourning motion for the death of former health minister Mohammad Nasim in the parliament. The Prime Minister expressed grief over the death of State Minister for Religion Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah. I have been barred from coming to Parliament.

Sheikh Hasina said, “I will come to the parliament from many places but I have been severely barred. The leader said you will not go. I said how many bullets, bombs, grenades I have come up with so far. Am I afraid of another unseen force?

Stating that the poverty rate has been reduced in just 10 years, the Prime Minister said, “Our GDP has increased. We got the status of a developing country. But such an invisible force, the coronavirus, has paralyzed the world. What an extraordinary environment it has created all over the world.

I have been barred from coming to Parliament

“Even if one of our leaders dies, we run to his funeral, to lay flowers at his grave and to meet her family,” She said. Now such an unusual environment that we could not do it this time. That is the biggest problem. It is as if the whole world is in a panic.

The Prime Minister further said, “We are trying to at least make the people of the country abide by the rules of health. Besides, I can’t kill people without eating for fear of corona. That is the reality. We have to take measures for their survival. We have to make arrangements
so that their life goes on. But this panic is going to a stage that is really very sad.

However, we have decided to lock down the areas where more coronaviruses are seen. So that it is no longer infected from there. At the same time, we have taken steps to keep our economic activities running, ”the Awami League president added.

Regarding the deaths of two people in Corona, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, “It is a kind of war. This time we lost the two of us, who were always with us. It is very difficult to lose them. I pray for the forgiveness of their souls.

News Source: Protidiner Sangbad

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