Five crore people will come under food assistance | Sheikh Hasina

Five crore people will come under food assistance

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said that the government is aiming to avoid food shortage in the country due to coronavirus. At present, 50 lakh people are being given ration cards. Another 50 lakh people have been directed to give ration cards. Five core people will get food assistance when this is implemented And if the number of families of these one crore people is five, then five crore people will come under food assistance.

She addressed the closing speech of the seventh session of the Parliament on Saturday.

We have taken all kinds of measures after getting the honor of coming to Corona in Bangladesh,” she said. The Department of Health and IEDCR are doing the right thing to combat Corona in Bangladesh. Corona treatment is being done publicly. Corona samples are now being tested everywhere in the country.

The Prime Minister said we have faced a natural disaster. We are capable of dealing with natural disasters. But we have no experience of coronavirus disaster. Nobody has And we could not imagine the outbreak to be so severe. When the outbreak has occurred, we have taken all measures according to the World Health Organization guidelines.

“Isolation wards have been opened in our hospitals,” he said. Separate isolation hospitals have been opened in many departments, districts and Upazilas. Isolation unit 9,220. We have already taken some initiatives for the future.

Five crore people will come under food assistance- Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

Earlier, the 9th session of the 11th Parliament began in the worldwide Corona crisis. The session began on Saturday (April 7) at 8 pm in the session room of the Parliament.

Speaker of the Parliament Speaker Dr. Shirin Sharmin Chowdhury said the session was only due to constitutional obligation. The session will be brief in the context of global and national crises.


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