Dhaka south Jubo league leader Samrat was arrested by RAB

jubo league leader Samrat
Casino king Samrat and Arman arrested by RAB.

Finally, Dhaka south jubo league leader Ismail hossain chowdhury Samrat was arrested by RAB. Later, RAB along with him raided three different places. Vuiya trade center at Kakrail, Samrat’s house on the fifth floor of Shantinagar Sheltek tower and  his second wife’s house at DOHS raided by RAB.  The raid was conducted by an executive magistrate.

Before that, RAB arrest jubo leage president Ismail Hossain chowdhury Samrat and vice president Enamul Haque Arman from comilla. RAB officers interrogated after arrest of these two jubo league leaders. After then, they were brought to Dhaka.

Dhaka south Jubo league leader Samrat was arrested by RAB

Meanwhile, at around 1.30pm, RAB entered the Bhuyan tower with Samrat. At the time RAB’s took the stand in front of the building. During that time, the collapsible gate of the main gate was blocked.

During the raid, all the shops on the ground floor were closed. The crowd enthusiastic people can be noticed during this time. Executive Magistrate Sarwar alam led the operation in jubo league leader smart’s office. In addition to the RAB, members of the Police took the stand in front of the Ishakha hotel.

Locals said, Jubo league leader Samrat spent most of the day in that building. After the start of the anti-casino campaign, He was in that office for a few days. Arman who in known to be extremely close to Samrat, is alleged to have been involved in Casino business for a long time. Recently he was working as a film producer in Dhaka.

His second wife told about the arrest of Samrat

His second wife, Sharmin Chowdhury, Thanked the Prime minister for arresting Samrat. She told repoters sunday afternoon, the anti-casino campaign have been better told earlier. After the arrest of Samrat, his second wife spoke to the residence of DOHS.

Sharmin chowdhury said of the first wife’s divorce, She was pretty good, she was a lawyer. When he came home(Samrat), She would fall asleep. For that reason, Samrat divorce his first wife.

During the raid, a pistol was found in a huge qantity of foregin liquor and the skin of two animals from the office of president of the south of Dhaka city, Ismail hossain chowdhury Samrat.


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