341 have been infected and 10 have died

341 have been infected and 10 have died

IEDCR gives us detailed information about 341 people affected by Coronavirus in the last 24 hours. In the last 24 hours, 341 have been infected and 10 have died. So far, 1572 have been infected by Corona and in Bangladesh and 60 have died. 49 of them returned home healthy.

Dr. Nasima Sultana, Additional director of the government’s Blood Disease and Research institute(IEDCR), said this at a regular online briefing on the Coronavirus this afternoon.

341 have been infected and 10 have died

Among the dead of Corona, Man are 7 Women 3. Six of the dead are in Dhaka. The rest are from a different districts.

IEDCR additional director Nasima Sultana says, 1571 samples were collected across the country. Of the 1571 samples tested, 341 were coronavirus-positive. Besides, no one has been healed in the last 24 hours of the total trauma.

Besides, the corona has been found mostly newly infected in the city of Dhaka. The rest are different districts outside of Dhaka. In the last 24 hours, 189 new people have been taken in isolation.

In December last year, deadly coronavirus from China’s epidemic spread to 210 countries and regions of the world.
So far 1,947,727 people have been infected with coronavirus worldwide. On the other hand, 121787 people died. Besides, 4 lakh 60 thousand and 163 people have been healed.

Now Bangladesh has been 12 in total isolation. There are 23,12 people in the home quarantine and 2,212 in the institutional quarantine. The first coronary patient in Bangladesh was identified on March 8.


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